What’s a muMEcation?

Before we can tell you what a muMEcation is, we need to tell you what it’s not…

Here's what it is...


close your eyes (not yet...read this bit first!)

Imagine what your dream retreat looks like.  Where are you?  Is the warm sunlight hugging your skin on a tropical beach?  Are you curled up in front of a fire with a good book and delicious glass of wine?  Are you dancing your butt off after a round of cocktails with some girlfriends?

open your eyes and find the retreat of your dreams

Browse our retreats for the one that echoes what you imagined and works within your time commitments and budget.  When you’ve found that perfect one, simply book it, and we’ll whisk you away!

When you book

We’ll invite you into a private Facebook group for your selected retreat so you can start connecting with the women you’ll soon be meeting in person.  We’ll also give you access to your own online portal where you will be able to view all email correspondence, your invoice and the retreat itinerary so you can start making your personal and travel arrangements.  To help with packing, we’ll also send you a suggested list on what to bring along on your retreat.

On the retreat

Your retreat host will be alongside you to make sure everything is taken care of, everyone feels comfortable, and all arrangements are confirmed.  Every retreat comes with a list of packaged inclusions such as dining, spa treatments, and location-based experiences.  There are optional extras on each retreat that you can pick and choose at your leisure.  We’ll make recommendations, hook you up with the right places, and book it all for you.  Your only responsibility during the retreat is to enjoy your down time without any cooking, cleaning or chauffeuring children to weekend sports and activities.

Private group and business retreats

Do you have a group of friends or business colleagues that you would like to arrange a private retreat for?  We can work with you to create your dream retreat and help you to achieve your mission.  Perhaps you would like to host the retreat yourself but if not, we can do this for you.

Our promise is that we will remove the hassle and stress of sourcing the best value accommodation, dining and experiences so you can concentrate on creating the perfect retreat atmosphere and experience.

Get in contact with us to chat about how we can work together.