Founder – Ali Smith

The Mum of muMEcations

A little about Ali’s journey

Ali Smith is a Mother, an adventurer, a career woman, and no stranger to the harsh realities of post-natal depression and the loss of identity that women can experience through the challenging journey that is Motherhood.

Ali became a mother in 2013 with a birth experience that was traumatic and raw.  Her transition to Motherhood wasn’t the picture-perfect experience it’s often made out to be, and postnatal depression meant she was conflicted between the overwhelming love and joy for her baby and mourning the loss of her sense of self and identity.

In 2018, Ali lost her own Mother when her two children were just 4 and 8 months old. Her loss deepened, and she found herself craving a reconnection to her identity, her dreams and aspirations, and her passion for adventure.

She was presented with an opportunity to travel to Indonesia as a volunteer helping vulnerable women and children and this experience rekindled the fire in her.  It reforged her pathway as not only a mother, but a woman with her own unique dreams, purpose, and identity.

Ali became determined to help reignite that flame and empower other women through purposeful retreats focused not only on women as Mothers, or women as careerists, or women as caregivers, but women as women.

Women as their own, beautiful, talented, unique selves.

With extensive experience in the travel industry, including a year spent working in the Middle East as an overland group leader with Intrepid Travel and a summer volunteering in Northern India, Ali creates our exciting retreat packages and hosts all retreats to ensure that you are nurtured and cared for without having to organise a thing.