Hello and welcome to muMEcations.

muMEcations is all about self-care for Mums; recognising the importance of taking time out from β€œMum-duties” to make our health, wellbeing and happiness a priority.

muMEcations offers exciting opportunities for Mums to get away for a weekend or an extended holiday within Australia to rest, relax and rejuvenate and enjoy total ME-time. Unlike usual health retreats, muMEcations encourages wine, cocktails and sleeping in…you won’t see any 6am yoga activities on our itineraries!

Our trips embrace downtime, indulgence and social connection where Mums can rest, relax, participate in activities of choice and spend quality time with friends whilst forming new and meaningful relationships.

Our packages include accommodation, fine dining experiences and spa treatments in a relaxed and friendly environment that allows time as a non-Mum to connect, engage in adult conversation and be pampered without the usual domestic duties and responsibilities.Β  Some trips will also include a group session with a personal coach who is passionate about bringing Mums together to connect, share and heal and learn how to model self-love and acceptance to their children,

So, come along with a friend or come alone and make some new friends. Perhaps you are part of a group or community who would like to travel together; muMEcations can also arrange customised getaways and itineraries.