Hello and welcome to muMEcations.  My name is Ali and I am Mum of two young girls, Aidee and Macie. I’m also super passionate about encouraging women to take time out from their Mum-duties for themselves whilst connecting with like-minded Mums to form meaningful relationships and support each other through the challenging journey that is motherhood.

When I became a Mum in 2013, a dreadful birth experience led to post-natal depression which paved the way for a rough transition to motherhood.

Whilst my heart was full of love for my new baby, and is even more so today, the loss of self-identity that accompanied motherhood was, and still is, incredibly overwhelming.

In 2018, while grieving and coming to terms with the passing of my Mum, I’d hit my lowest point.

As fate would have it, I was presented with an opportunity to travel to North-West Indonesia with a friend to spend a week with an organisation working with vulnerable women and children.

It was exactly what I needed, time out from the world to reconnect with my old self; the one full of passion, adventure and dreams!

And to realise that my new passion would now be helping other Mums have their own time out to reconnect and to rediscover their mojo.

So, plan a girl’s weekend away and come along on your own muMEcation and I guarantee rest, relaxation, friendship, pampering and total ME-time in a super friendly and relaxed environment.


muMEcations values:

We are passionate

We are respectful

We act to create impact

We act with integrity

We are inclusive to all women